National Museum of Scotland

The National Museums Scotland charity has a diverse range of important collections and museum sites under their control, all with the aim of preserving items of national and international importance. The Scots are justifiably proud of their own history however, so it comes as no surprise that one of these museums is the National Museum of Scotland.

The museum, located in Chambers Street, Edinburgh, has exhibitions covering the natural world, art, design, local and Scottish history, science, technological advances, and world cultures within its walls, so there is plenty to suit all ages and interests.  Look out for the Grand Gallery, a bright and airy space displaying some of the museums larger items. Be dwarfed by a 12 foot long ‘feast bowl’ from the Cook Islands, as you make your way to the rest of the museum.

Highlights include the largest museum installation in the UK called ‘Window On The World’ which displays everything from miniature glass sculpture to working models of locomotives. There’s also innovation and inventions, telling the stories of the likes of Charles Darwin, who studied in Edinburgh, and locals Alexander Fleming and Professor Joseph Black. There’s Scottish Galleries covering the history of the country, covering everything from war, to industry, and modern life. The World Culture galleries are also a must-see, as they house some of the oldest collections the charity owns. You can find out about subjects as diverse as music and its role in global culture, and how art is inspired by nature.

Seven natural world galleries are also under the same roof, and people of all ages will be fascinated by the array of exhibits, which cover the Earth, Space, and anything from animal survival to wildlife panorama photographs.

This is just a snapshot of what you can find at the National Museum of Scotland. With exhibits specifically aimed at families and children, museum tours, a café, four shops, and a regular events program, there are all the ingredients at the museum for a fun and educational day out.

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