Museum of Flight

East Fortune Airfield in East Lothian is where you will find Scotland’s National Museum Of Flight. This aviation museum, welcomes visitors on winter weekends, and every day from April to October. There is plenty to see and do for the whole family across the airfield site, and inside their aircraft hangars.

One of the key features of the Museum Of Flight is the aircraft collection, a monument to aviation, running right from the First World War to aircraft as they are today. There are collections of both civil and military aircraft at the museum, and if you don’t already know much about aviation, then names like the de Havilland Tiger Moth G-AOEL and the General Aircraft Cygnet G-AGBN will soon become familiar to you. These aircraft are in the collection that dates from 1939-1945, but there are also post-war civil aircraft such as the Beagle Bulldog G-AXEH, and the Druine Turbulent G-AVPC, and post-war military aircraft like the Blackburn Buccaneer and the Hawker Sea Hawk. There are a good number of aircraft on show, along with fuselage and cockpit set-ups, and you may also be able to find out about the sailplanes, hang gliders, motor gliders, and helicopters that the museum store.

When you’ve had your fill of aviation history, you can check out something more recent in the outstanding Concorde exhibition. You can find out more about supersonic technology and go on board their Concorde aircraft. You can also find out about jet aircraft, and the UK’s only Boeing 707 cockpit and cabin, visit the restored Second World War Parachute Store, find out the story behind the East Fortune Airfield, and take in the interactive exhibits called ‘Fantastic Flight’. There’s so much to see and do at the Museum of Flight, including events such as an annual Air Show, and children’s science events in the summer. This could be a great place for a family day out.

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